I’m going to have to check out all these songs! If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh man, I don’t know, that’s too hard to chose!

What if you had to pick one, or get your head chopped off?

Okay, I guess it totally depends on my mood. Maybe a John Mayer CD, I really like his live album, Where The Light Is.; it’s a really good one. Or maybe, Blue by Joni Mitchell, that’s one of my favourite records. I love every song on that CD.

I love CD’s like that that you can listen to over and over again.

Oh! You know what, I really like Natasha Bedingfield. [FF: Oh my gosh, I love Natasha Bedingfield!] Yeah? She’s one of my favourite artists! I went to see her when she played with New Kids On The Block and I was texting her saying “Hey! I’m coming to see you!”

[FF: No Way! As if you were texting Natasha Bedingfield, I’m so jealous!] Haha, she’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever met! She’s one of my biggest inspirations. I started writing because of These Words. It’s one of my five favourite songs of all time.

Me too! Aww, you’re like my soul mate! So, what is the oldest age you would like to be alive?

I think I would say 100. I think if you live to 100 you have had a good life. But I guess it would depend on how healthy I was; because if you’re not in good heath, I don’t think there would be a reason to live that long unless there is something in your life that you still have to do.

I think there are some things in life that you are supposed to do before you die. If you are still alive you still need to fight to do something. [FF; Stay alive until you have completed everything?] I don’t know, I don’t think you can ever complete everything, you can always keep doing things and improving on things.

It all depends, I would say if you’re still alive, you still need to be doing stuff. If you are having health complications then it’s a different story, but it’s always sad with those kinds of things because there are young people who are really fighting and we can really learn so much from those people. It teaches you to appreciate things in life a lot more.

There was a little girl I met for Make A Wish and she was fighting cancer and it was so sad to see her fighting so hard. It took her almost five minutes to smile for a picture or to say a word. She is such a strong little girl and I learnt so much from her. Those things remind you how important what you have really is; those things in life make you appreciate things in life even more.

That is so touching David, it’s refreshing to talk to someone so grounded. We ask everyone we interview to come up with a question for the next person we interview, and Kid British wants to know; “If you could be any car, what would you be?”

I wouldn’t mind being a Tyota Prius because it’s fuel efficient and you’d be healthy to the environment! Haha. I think it would suit me because I’m not this big, buff strong person, I’m just the little guy which is sort of like a Prius. Ilove them actually, they’re fun to drive and they don’t use a lot of gas either.

So finally can you come up with a person for the next person I interview please?

Lets see, ask them, ‘If you could open up your own restaurant, what type of food would you serve?’

Ooh, I love it, I’d do Italian!

Yeah, I was thinking Italian too!

Okay, thanks David Bye!


With a mutual love for Italian food and Natasha Bedingfield, I feel like I like David even more now! What’s more, with such an infectious personality, and an amazing voice to boot, I think David is going to be one of the brightest stars of 2009.

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