Will And The People

Will And The People

Will And The People have already treking around the UK with their celeb best mates Girls Aloud, so before they become uber-famous and start being fashion icons like their lady mates, we caught up with the jaw-droppingly gorgoues Will for a little chat.

Hello there pretties, how are things going in your lovely world?

Very well, though we aren't pretty as I write this. It's currently 7am and we are on the way to Aberdeen to play with Paolo [Nutini]. My eyes are stuck together!

We are proper 100% loving your super hot new record. Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it.

I suppose the inspiration came from not writing a diary! And always daydreaming... Musically, basically the main inspiration is Bob Marley, though, only in a "be yourself" kind of way, if you know what I mean.

To anyone who hasn't heard of you yet, how would you describe your sound?

Rather random, though distinctive. I think it is colourful and the songs complement each other. Together they are more powerful. Though there are loads of possible singles, making the album consistent was my first priority. No filler!

If you were going to give us just one song of yours to listen to so that you would become our new favourite band, what would it be?

I would say Salamander. Or Addicted. They would last longer before you got bored. I would hate to give you just one song! You'd need the album!

If you could cover another band's song, what would it be?

Well we do a good Lady Gaga (Just Dance) and a good version of I Shot The Sheriff. A well chosen cover can make a gig sometimes.

And can you sum up your good selves in just five words?

Humans from the planet earth!

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Our music probably. And our sound. It's very hard to be aesthetically different sometimes, so the music is the only way to distinguish what you are. We are about roots wherever you are from.

You know we're having a bit of an economic crisis here at the moment, if people wanted to spend their last £10 on a cd this weekend, why should they buy yours?

Because as a body of work you will not get bored of this album and it will become more enjoyable with each listen. Just so long as you have a few other CDs too!

What three bands would you have to headline your dream festival?

Opening act Bob Marley acoustic session for a few hours. Us in the middle slot plus many guests. And either Muse or The Specials. Actually, the Police. I don’t know for Christ sake!

What has been your favourite musical memory to date?

Without a doubt playing one of our best ever shows last night at Sheffield Arena. There were 10,000 people and we really played to our best ability. It's so great when our planets line up. I’m still buzzing this morning that's why I’m so awake!

If all of the bands equipment was on fire, what one piece would you save and why?

The case with my acoustic guitar and lyric book, because not having those would really suck!

Who do you think is the greatest artist around at the moment?

Beyonce, probably. She's amazing that woman. Kings of Leon are approaching their prime as well.

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Bob Marley - "Legend"

Okay, now we want to ask you some random questions;

Tell me about the most terrifying experience of your life.

I had a gun pulled on me in Peru once by a gangster. I was so scared, you'll never guess what I did. I laughed... and then proceeded to feel sick and shimmer away. I won't say why it all happened but it was definitely terrifying.

What's the most stupid purchase you've ever made?

Ha. Too many to count! Sunglasses are a killer. I'm moving onto the five pound disposable ones now. Oh and I bought a scooter but had no licence so I couldn't ride it.

Why go to the top of a tall building, only to put money in binoculars and look at things on the ground?

Because perception is the art of understanding reality. And when you do that, you are living in the "now" and nowhere else. I don't know because we are weird little creatures really, in the grand scheme of things...

Cheers, good luck with everything & thanks for making my day slightly more entertaining!

 It’s been fun! Thanks xxx