For those who may not yet have heard your sound, how best would you describe Della Mae?

Della Mae

Della Mae

Della Mae is Americana through and through. We have influences from all sorts of genres ranging from blugrass to gospel, blues and Rock and Roll. You can't pin us down to one genre, and we love that about our music.

You're currently touring the UK, how are you finding that experience?

We have been having a fantastic time in the UK so far. Our first show was the Summertyne Americana Festival in Newcastle, where we were warmly received. We played very well attended shows in both Oxford and Leicester, which was very exciting as we had no idea what to expect, having never played these cities before. So far we are loving it here and we don't want to leave!

Is there any big differences you've noticed to playing shows in the UK compared to the US?

In most ways, they're very similar. We're teaching the UK audiences how to be just a tad rowdier! We will say that UK audiences seem to be very enthusiastic about live music, and we love that they are still avid CD buyers.

What should those coming to those live shows expect from you?

We put on a dynamic, energetic and emotional show that is different every night. We all improvise, we all sing and we all bring our own energy to the stage. Expect to cry, to laugh, to dance and to be uplifted.

Your self-titled album is out now - tell us about the creative process behind that record.

We spent two years writing songs and touring after our Grammy Nominated album "This World Oft Can Be" was released. We knew we had to do something to try and top that so we decided to choose a producer who made us go outside of our comfort zone. We ended up working with Jaquire King who has worked with artists such as Tom Waits, Norah Jones and Kings of Leon. It was an intense and wonderful experience to be pushed to your limits musically.

What difficulties have you faced in your career to-date?

We are incredibly lucky to have an amazing support network and foundation of fans. We really only face the difficulties of being on the road 220 days a year which stresses your body emotionally and physically. However, we wouldn't have it any other way!

Similarly what are some of the best memories you have from your time together so far?

Some of the best memories we have are of going to different countries and interacting with folks from all walks of life. Many of the most poignant memories are those we have shared with children from orphanages in the Central Asian countries we've toured in. It brings us such joy to make them happy and give them love, even if its only for an afternoon.

Who would you choose to work with on future material if you could pick anybody, and why?

I think there would be different answers from each woman in the band because we have so many different influences! We would all love to work with Jacquire King again, and of course we all love Alison Krauss and Bonnie Raitt.

What are some of your definitive aims and goals going forward?

Our only aim is to make good music that affects people in a positive way and stands the test of time.

Finally, what's next for you following on from the tour?

More touring! We are on the road about 220 days a year, and look forward to many more amazing festivals and experiences this year!

Della Mae's tour continues at the following locations:

  • Sun 26-July Nell's Jazz & Blues, London, UK
  • Mon 27-July Available for promo in London
  • Tues 28-July Manchester Academy 3, Manchester, UK
  • Thurs 29-July Oran Mor, Glasgow, UK
  • 30-July -1-Aug Southern Fried Festival, Perth, UK

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