Set to release his new album 'Be My Love' at the end of the week, we got the chance to chat to Julian Ovenden all about the world of music, whether he'll still remain in the world of acting and much more in a new and exclusive interview...

Julian Ovenden

Julian Ovenden

A lot of people know you from the screen but don't know you've had musical training - what should fans of your acting expect from you as an artist?

Well, I've been a musician for longer than an actor. I've done many musicals and concerts all over the world and also used it on screen in TV shows like Smash and The Sound Of Music. For those who weren't aware, I look forward to introducing them to my musical world. I love big romantic classic songs, done my way.

Your new album will feature works from the likes of Cole Porter and Harold Arlen amongst other big names - what is it about these musicians that you love so much?

The quality of the writing, both the music and the words. I feel very passionate about these songs. For me, they represent the gold standard of popular music in the last 100 years. They are timeless.

Can you tell us a little bit about the recording process with these songs and developing them so they're fresh and unique with your take on them?

I wanted the album to sound American and authentic so we recorded in LA with the best players on the planet for this type of music. To make them sound unique and fresh I employed two magnificent arrangers and also tried to bring as much of myself to the process to make it different and personal.

In LA you recorded in Ocean Way Studios - what was that experience like?

Incredible. An amazing acoustic and such heritage in that building. It really lent the record a bit of magic.

Being a family man, how difficult did you find it to balance your career and home life whilst creating this LP?

Being a performer and travelling a lot is always a challenge when it comes to striking a balance with home life. However I am around at home a lot and fully involved with the day-to-day lives of everyone at home.

The title track 'Be My Love' was made famous in 1950 - why did you decide to 'lead' the record with this song?

It's a direct invitation to come into this musical world. I love the simplicity of the melody and lyric. Also with some very big and brassy arrangements on the record, the most powerful tune is often the quietest and unadorned.

Do you have definitive aims or goals for your singing career?

I'd love for people to really enjoy the album. And to continue what I do and hopefully make more records.

Should we expect to see you back on screen in the future?

Yes. I love the variety in my work. It keeps me fresh and challenged.

Would you be on board for a Downton Abbey movie?

If asked, I'll be there!

Julian's new album 'Be My Love' is released on April 22nd on Warner Music. Pre order at

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