Letters From Pluto is an independent Pop/Rock/Electronic artist from Edmonton, Canada who has recently completed radio tours across Canada to promote her new single, so we caught up with her to talk about the inspiration for the music video.

Letters from Pluto

Letters from Pluto

Where was it shot?

Kristy Pluto - Space of course! Haha unfortunately not, wish I had the budget for that though. It was filmed in the forest in British Columbia, Canada, however I’ll keep the exact location my little secret.

So tell us about your new video, who came up with the concept for the video and what story does it tell about your character?

KP - The concept was a combination of ideas that came from both myself and the director, Brandon William Fletcher of Faked Potatoes. I really wanted to give a sense of sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, and a general vibe of ‘I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore’.  My character is on an obvious mission of some kind, which may not be clear to the viewer at this time. Also, one of my main goals of the video was to introduce the helmeted all-in-black figure. What is it? What does it want? There’s so many little details that may be missed upon first viewing so be sure to watch it a couple of times and see if you catch something new.

The' Cold Right Now' video is for your self titled album released last year, what journey does your album take your listeners on? And what story did you want to tell when you wrote it?

KP - I wrote my first album during an especially difficult time in my life. My album discusses many topics, but a constant theme woven through many of the songs is about strength, resilience and knowing your worth. It was a snapshot of that moment in my life and discusses overcoming obstacles and not letting life keep you down. I’m hoping that my messages of hope and strength will help others going through similar difficulties and help them know they’re never truly alone.

You held a one off show at the planetarium at the TELUS World of Science - Edmonton, what inspired you to put on a show at that location? How did it go?

KP - First reason I wanted to put on a show at the TELUS World of Science in the Planetarium? The venue is hella cool. Words can’t really explain what an incredible experience it was, but I’ll do my best. Imagine a circular room, with the stage in the centre. The entire top half of the dome is a screen that would display virtually anything I wanted — images of space, Pluto, all the way to psychedelic patterns or snow! Additionally, the Planetarium was armed with a vintage laser machine from the 80’s. There aren’t many of those floating around anymore! And we had the resident laserist (best job title ever, eh?) create a laser show on the spot, all in time to the music.

Second reason I wanted to put on a show in that location — it was semi public information that the Planetarium was going to be undergoing renovations, and that the vintage laser machine would be taken out and retired. As soon as I knew about the renovation, I quickly did everything in my power to have a show in there. Why? Because Planetarium. Letters From Pluto. Really, I couldn’t have asked for a venue that was more on brand!

It was truly the most unique show of my career so far. There were so many moments I wanted to put my mic down, lay down on the stage, and just absorb how surreal it all was! Here’s a short video if you’d like to get an idea of what the show was like. Videos can never fully do it justice, but its the closest I can bring you!

What's next on the card for 'Letters From Pluto'? What upcoming shows do you have?

KP - I’m excited to announce that just recently, my single, Cold Right Now has been nominated as Best Pop Song for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards! I’ll be attending the awards show in L.A., November 16th and just pray that I don’t trip on the red carpet.

I have no shows currently planned for 2017, because I’m very excitedly planning the release and promotion of three new singles for the new year! I’m working very hard to get everything in place! I’m hoping to make it across the pond to Europe and the UK in the new year to promote my new singles and will be travelling across Canada as well.

Are there any tours coming up?

KP - I’m hoping to have some radio tours in place for various parts of Canada and across the UK and Europe next year. Additionally, I’m also working towards planning a tour in Europe and the UK! It’s a bit early to tell exactly when it will happen, but it will, so please follow me on social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) to keep updated!