As one of the most successful acts to come off The X Factor stage, Ray Quinn has gone from platform to platform proving his talents in a whole host of areas including 'Dancing on Ice' as well as doing impressions of celebrities and of course singing.

We got the chance to put some questions to Ray about his forthcoming new material, tour and more - find out what he had to say below.

Ray Quinn is back bigger than ever before
Ray Quinn is back bigger than ever before

You released your first album eight years back in 2007! How has this whole experience of being in the spotlight been for you since then?

Crazy! I've thoroughly enjoyed it all. I've been very blessed to have had some great opportunities arise for me. I've taken each one, ran with it, and done them all to the best I can. My passion and love is always brought to the table in no matter what is in front of me.

Does it ever sink in that you've been allowed the platform to go after and achieve your dreams and ambitions?

I have nothing but respect for the platform certain jobs and journeys have offered me. But now it's time to take control of my own destiny. Have I any regrets? No. But there's certainly things I'd have done differently. Me and my manager have worked on this new album with a team of three fantastic guys. I'm now amongst - I believe - some of the best writers and producers in the UK. Yes I've taken a chance on myself this time round (title of my new book!), as I didn't know how my fans would react! But as my new album is crowd funded... We met all targets! So it's my job to now deliver.

You've been working on new material with a five man in-house team in London - what have you been brewing up in the studios for fans this time round?

I've had a great first album. I sold 330,000 copies - I went platinum in the first week of sales. But apart from singing on the thing I didn't have much input. Especially compared to 'this time round', as myself and my manager have our own record label owned 50/50. So we've decided what goes into the album, how it sounds, and what artwork I'd like. So it's mainly new sounds that my fans will hear, as they will finally see what it is I'd like to be seen doing. These songs are my choices. They will see first hand that this is the result of my decisions going forward with my music career.

You revealed you'll be going on a major UK tour later this year - 'Dare To Dream' - what should fans coming to those dates expect?

So my new album is 80% brand new material that myself and my team have been working on. We've taken my sound towards a new direction, without losing the very sound that I had initially. But it's more cool! That's the only way I can describe it! it's a funk/soul/Motown feel. So I can't wait to take them on tour and showcase all the hard work we've been putting in! It's gonna be as a much as a treat for me!

Do you enjoy touring life and getting out there on the road?

Yes I do! I love exploring certain cities and villages, meeting the locals! And certainly tasting the local beer! Mmmm...

How would you say you've evolved and developed as an artist throughout your career?

Well now I'm of the tender age of just 26! I'm also a dad to my gorgeous boy Harry. Knowing how young I was back in the X Factor days, I was such a baby. Whereas now I'm still young enough to start again almost. I look up to people like Robbie Williams with Guy Chambers, Elton John with Bernie Taupin. These great artists have had a strong team around them from the beginning who believe in them. That's the way my manager has conducted it for me. I do have a great team around me like I said before. I'm being developed as an artist now. Whereas before I was just a singer. There's a huge difference. It's about building my foundations now. A sort of turtle and rabbit race. I'm the turtle. Slowly but surely.

You won the first round of new ITV series Get Your Act Together - tell us about that experience.

Haha, apparently I'm now a impersonator now?! I guess I just jump into things like this without much thought. But I did it for fun and again to spark my brain up! Leaves me feeing young! Don't grow up! It's boring...

The show has five different acts each week, then each one is a winner! And those five remaining acts head to the live final! 22nd of Feb! On ITV, 7.45pm. Conveniently my brand new single 'They Say Love' is out the following day - 23rd Feb!

March will see the release of your autobiography - how was the experience of revisiting your life for that project?

It was exciting, and hard at times. I've had tears and cold sweats! But I hope people will see who I truly am this way and not how the press see me. Certain things have happened in my life so far. There's stuff people don't even know about. I state facts. It's up to the reader to judge, not me.

With so much in your working life how do you balance it with your personal life?

I don't really, I'm so busy at the moment. But grabbing life by the horns is the only way I do things.

Is there anything else we should know about that you have coming up this year?

Don't think so... we've mentioned the new single out 23rd Feb, album out early April, tour starting 4th March, book out also 4th March, and ITV's Get Your Act Together - I think that'll do for now! I know it's enough for me!

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