Coldplay have recorded a track with Little Simz.

Coldplay have recorded a tune with Little Simz

Coldplay have recorded a tune with Little Simz

The chart-topping band and the 30-year-old rap star have joined forces to record the new song, which has been given a working title of 'Supernova'.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "Both artists were excited to make a collaboration work."

Coldplay and Simz - who has also starred in the Netflix revival drama 'Top Boy' - recently filmed a music video for the new single in east London.

The insider shared: "No expense was spared on the high-end production."

Coldplay have worked with some of the best-known artists in the world over the years, including the likes of BTS, Rihanna and Selena Gomez.

And Chris Martin - the band's frontman - previously claimed that their BTS collaboration felt very "natural" and "organic".

Speaking about 'My Universe' - their 2021 track - Chris told BBC Radio 2: "I went to Korea to record with them and it went from being this completely ridiculous, impossible idea to feeling so natural and so organic, that it makes me giggle because now I just feel like, 'Yeah, [it’s] our song with BTS and they’re like our little brothers and it’s completely cool'. But I see that on paper [and] it still looks funny."

Chris, 47, also revealed the origins of the song title.

The singer - who started dating actress Dakota Johnson in 2017 - shared: "Someone said to me ‘Oh, BTS would like you to do a song for them’, and I said ‘No way, how would that work?’ But then I really liked BTS and what they’re doing.

"And then I thought well if the right song came along but I don’t know what it’d be about and then I was texting with my very special someone and the phrase ‘My Universe’ came up and I thought, ‘Oh that’s a really good title.'"