Dido isn't "ambitious".



The 'Thank You' singer - who has seven-year-old son Stanley with husband Rohan Gavin - has no "dreams" for herself beyond her upcoming tour in support of album 'Still On My Mind' and she never worries about planning for the future.

She said: "I have a bit of a mental block about thinking ahead or making plans.

"I've always been so in the moment. You can't predict what's going to happen.

"I don't have any expectations and in a way I don't have dreams for myself.

"I'm not very ambitious. At the beginning, my ambition was just to have a cassette or CD with my songs on it.

"I think my ambition now, if I've got any, is to somehow incorporate doing this into the life that I know makes me really happy.

"To somehow have a world where it is not all or nothing, and you can just put records out a bit more regularly and it's an easy thing."

The 47-year-old singer's new album feels like Dido's debut because it is so different to anything she's done before.

She explained to Red magazine: "It almost feels like my first record. I'm proud of it, it's a real celebration to what's gone before.

"What I write about are little moments of conflict. There is always light and dark. But when you have a kid, there is no conflict. You just love them and want to hang out with them. I think that got in the way of writing for a while."

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