Dido has inked a new record deal with Warner Chappell - including new music.

Dido has signed a new record deal with new music to follow

Dido has signed a new record deal with new music to follow

The 'White Flag' hitmaker - who achieved global success with her 1999 debut album ‘No Angel’ - is thrilled to be working with the label that supported her from the start of her career.

Dido, 51, said: “Warner Chappell have been there for me from the very beginning of my songwriting journey, well over 25 years ago. They gave me my start and helped me create the songs that were the foundations of my first record and then over the years continued to be family. I’m excited for all the things we will create together now.”

Guy Moot, co-chair and CEO of Warner Chappell Music, said: “Dido is one of the most remarkable songwriters of this century. We’re so pleased that she’s put her faith in us again to represent one of the great modern songbooks. We look forward to working with her on new projects and continuing to promote her incredible catalogue in exciting and creative ways.”

The songwriter - who has penned hits for Britney Spears, Rihanna, and her brother Rollo's group Faithless - released her last album, 'Still On My Mind', in 2019.

And she admitted at the time that it felt like her debut album as it was different from anything she'd done before.

She explained to Red magazine: "It almost feels like my first record. I'm proud of it, it's a real celebration to what's gone before.

"What I write about are little moments of conflict. There is always light and dark. But when you have a kid, there is no conflict. You just love them and want to hang out with them. I think that got in the way of writing for a while."

Since her last record, Dido has featured on Caroline Polachek's album 'Desire, I Want to Turn Into You' on the track 'Fly to You' with Grimes.

She was also listed as a co-writer of the track.

And in May, Jason Derulo sampled her noughties hit 'Thank You' on his song 'When Love Sucks'.

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