Since evolving and adapting with my own music, I have been listening to iconic albums with iconic album sleeves and really looking into the art. These are my Top 5 Albums Synonymous With Their Famous Artwork that have helped me along my journey to make new music!

5) Fleetwood Mac – Rumors

Even over 40 years after it was released, it is still a highly influential album that inspires today’s generation. With songs like The Chain and Go Your Own Way, they still get people singing just as much today as they did when they were released, and have become classic songs that everybody knows. That’s something that a lot of artists aspire to be able to do. As for the artwork, the black figures really stand out against the cream background and their stance is easily recognisable; it’s so important to get the artwork right because they say not to judge a book by its cover, but you wouldn’t pick it up if it didn’t look interesting, which is the same with album artwork.

4) Prince – Purple Rain

Prince, such an icon in every way. This album is so influential in pop music, as Prince was such a musical genius. Every track on this album is enough to make you want to dance, which is something that I am really striving for with my new music, so Prince is definitely the one I look to when in the creative process. From the font to the image, this is something that stands out and is just SO Prince! With the added touch of flowers on the border, it really makes the image pop and makes you want to pick it up and listen.

3) Nirvana – Nevermind

When it comes to rock music, Nirvana is one of the first bands that you think of and you also think of this cover. Such a unique image that has become synonymous with the genre and the band. This album is one that will live on as a classic, not only because of the late Kurt Cobain, but also because of the songs that have inspired a generation of new rock musicians and fans.

2) The Beatles – Abbey Road

The Beatles, one of the best bands to come out of the UK, have had so many memorable songs, such as Come Together from this album. They are one of those bands; you think you don’t know much of their music, but when it is played you didn’t realise it was them! This image of the band crossing the zebra crossing is one of the first images that comes to mind when you think of The Beatles, and one of the most iconic covers ever.

1) Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

Amy Winehouse had such a unique voice that was instantly recognisable along with her album cover of her looking vulnerable against a blackboard. She was such an iconic figure because of her art and her lifestyle, this made her so fascinating and will forever be cherished as one of the greats. Her music is a big inspiration when it comes to me making music and songwriting with meaning and depth; she was the queen of this.


with my new music, I have worked hard to create a sound that makes you trip or puts you into a trippy mood. My inspirations for writing have definitely been Boys by Britney Spears, and Tension off of Fergie’s new album.