Noah Cyrus wanted to be a professional horse rider before she turned to music.

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus

The 18-year-old singer - who is the younger sibling of megastar Miley Cyrus - has revealed right up until the release of her 2016 debut single 'Make Me (Cry)', she'd been working on her equestrian skills and had no immediate plans to follow in her musical family's footsteps in becoming a pop star.

Asked if she felt any pressure to be like her siblings, she said: "No! 'Because I just wanted to ride horses. I didn't care at all! If other people wanted me to be a singer, I didn't care.

"And so I did that and rode horses every single day up until 'Make Me (Cry)' came out. I didn't want to do anything but ride horses until I was like 15."

The 'My Way' hitmaker says it was British singer/songwriter Ben Howard that inspired her to take up singing.

Asked what changed her mind, she said: "I don't really know. There was just a moment when I fell in love with singing.

"Probably when I started listening to Ben Howard and his album 'I Forget Where We Were'.

"I fell in love with that album, and that album really made me fall in love with singing.

And whilst Noah says comparisons to 'Younger Now' singer Miley are "annoying", she would love to team up with her entire family, including famous country singer father Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley and their Metro Station rocker brother Trace on a song or even a festive record.

On the comparisons, she told "They're annoying but they don't bother me. They really don't make sense to me but no they don't annoy me.

"I have always been me as my own person so what other people said didn't really bother me.

"I knew that there would be comparisons and stuff but I didn't let like that get in the way of wanting to make music.

And on whether fans can expect a Cyrus family collaboration, she said: "I've said we should do this! We've all been saying this forever. Like there should be a Cyrus Family Christmas album.

"I feel like our fans would all be stoked but we would just think it was like hilarious that we did a Christmas album."