Plan B was left feeling "pretty empty" by fame.

Plan B

Plan B

The 33-year-old musician took a break from the spotlight after six years of huge success between 2006 and 2012, and admitted he was left with nothing to write about because of the lack of "real relationships" in his life.

He said: "The industry of fame. Being famous, being in demand, doing gigs - just doing that s**t all the time.

"You don't have any real relationships - you have no time for a private life.

"I was sitting down going, 'What do I write about now?' You think about what you've experienced, getting on planes, getting the red carpet rolled out, partying, hanging with beautiful women you never see again, drinking ... I needed to turn my back on that. I was feeling pretty empty inside."

However, the 'She Said' hitmaker's break didn't turn out as exactly how he'd planned because after making the decision to take time out, he found out his girlfriend was pregnant.

But he was delighted with the news and having the chance to "reconnect spiritually" and achieve a new focus.

He told Q magazine: "Just as I made that decision, my partner turns round and says we're having a baby.

"I thought, 'There goes those three years!' Ironically it was exactly what I asked for.

"I wanted to reconnect spiritually and nothing gets more real than that.

"That completely aligned me on a path of what's most important. Everything is laid out on a plate for you, not just women throwing themselves at you, it's parties, it's alcohol - it's all of that.

"I've got a kid that I need to be there for, I can't be out all night getting smashed. I want my daughter to grow up having a father in her life."

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