Rachael Sage was “pleasantly surprised” by the response to her Poetica project.

Rachael Sage launched her Poetica project this year

Rachael Sage launched her Poetica project this year

The singer/songwriter began working on the spoken word collective as a way to “stay sane and creative” during the coronavirus pandemic and although she knows it is a divisive style, she’s happy so many people enjoyed listening to the group’s self-titled record.

She said: “I have been so encouraged by the response to Poetica! This project was something my cellist Dave Eggar and I began as a way to stay sane and creative during lockdown, and I think people can really hear that we had no agenda other than to do something musically that was completely liberated from genre or form.

“Spoken-word is not for everyone and I knew that at the outset, but I've been pleasantly surprised that because there is also so much musical accompaniment folks have been listening to it like any other style of music and enjoying that journey.”

And Rachael found it “humbling” that the record inspired listeners.

She added: “I've had a lot of listeners reach out and express that it encouraged them to write poetry again - which of course has been very humbling!”

While the ‘Passenger’ singer doesn’t set out to please her fans, she’s always hopeful her work will “resonate” with others.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “Performing the material live with a band, audiences have been so supportive, and mentioned that it reminded them of the 50's and 60's, or The Doors.

“Just do what I do, and hope it resonates but in this case, the intensely collaborative nature of the project has been so gratifying and I think that's been part of what people are responding to.”