Rachael Sage always writes a song on New Year’s Eve.

Rachael Sage writes a song at the end of every year

Rachael Sage writes a song at the end of every year

The singer-songwriter marks the end of the year by sitting down at her piano to craft a new track and some of her efforts have proven good enough for her to go on to record them for her albums.

Asked her seasonal traditions, she said: “I always try to write a song on New Year’s Eve! Several of them have ended up on my records.

“But in terms of actual holiday traditions, of course, I always light the Hanukkah menorah and I always listen to Christmas music around the house!”

And Rachael ensures both her and her piano are always suitably attired for the season.

She added to BANG Showbiz: “Through the years I've also collected quite a few ornaments, including a beautiful Swarovski piece that Judy Collins gave me so I like to put them all out on my piano.

“And most importantly, I always wear festive red and silver sparkly attire at every opportunity. Gotta keep up those traditions!”

While Rachael thinks she’s an easy person to buy Christmas gifts for, she admitted one former partner once got things badly wrong.

She said: “I am the world's easiest gift recipient because I love anything sparkly and pretty and colourful. Basically, anything JoJo or her legions of teens would like, I wear or hang on my wall.

“The worst gifts I've received are ones someone expects me to use in my kitchen.

“Also once I got a fax machine from someone I was dating, and that was very confusing. Ha!”