Following a successful tour of 18 UK cities including London’s Royal Albert Hall from May to June this year, the imminent entrepreneurial music success story that is Shayan Italia releases Reflection, the first single from his perfectly etched debut album, Deliverance, in October 2007. Shayan Italia’s story is truly unique, and he is a source of inspiration to all who meet him. His is a story of loss, hope, fearlessness, dreaming big and risking everything in hope of a greater purpose. Having tragically lost both his parents at a young age and unexpectedly acquiring his songwriting ability thereafter, Shayan Italia is the only born and brought up Indian to break the international music market with a truly mainstream English album and without the backing of a Major label, yet uniquely with the funding of one. Reflection will be Shayan Italia’s first single release from his album Deliverance, set to champion the prolific market of digital music downloads, when it imminently becomes available to purchase online this October, distributed by Universal. Reflection clearly displays the artist’s ability as both a powerful performer, as well as an accomplished musician and songwriter. The song has already received widespread praise and acclaim by fans of the genre, as well as those who appreciate quality music-making when they hear it.

It also won Shayan the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award at the International Poetry Competition for its lyrics.

The music video, produced by Shayan himself, was filmed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and comprised a production team constituting people that have worked on special effects for films such as Superman Returns, King Kong and post production on The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Taking three days of intensive shooting and 21 days of post production, the filming crew involved 50 people on set, along with a further 50 in post production.

Shayan Italia’s debut single Reflection will be available through digital download everywhere from October 2007 (distributed by Universal).