Papa Roach

Papa Roach

Papa Roach haven’t done a headline tour in the UK for quite some time, which explains the incredible turnout at Sheffield, the second and last of their one off UK dates this summer.

With chants of “Papa Roach” and a level of emotion close to hysteria in the crowd, Papa Roach invade the stage to the sound of their huge hit ‘Getting Away With Murder’.
The crowd explodes, and there is no doubt that Jacoby Shaddix is one of the most ridiculously energetic frontmen the world has ever seen.

Maintaining his energy throughout the whole set, keeping up some great banter with the crowd and most importantly putting on a great show, Shaddix is undoubtedly one of the best crowd-pleasers around.
Mixing up older hits like ‘Between Angels and Insects’ with the five new songs on their newest record ‘Time For Annihilation’ goes down perfectly with the crowd.

Nearly everyone there seems to be familiar with every song performed, and there are constant screams of delight.
Slowing things down marginally with their beautiful new single ‘No Matter What’ and 2004’s heart-wrenching ‘Scars’ does nothing to affect the energy of the show whatsoever.

There’s no doubt that Shaddix is a stellar frontman, but luckily guitarist Jerry Horton gets to show off his great talents as well. The riff at the beginning of ‘Lifeline’ is nothing short of spectacular.
Sheffield are reminded several times that Papa Roach were blown away by their London show the night before at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, but by the end of the set, they’ve been assured that they have in fact “whooped London’s ass”. The Northerners reign!
Papa Roach go offstage and come back on for a triumphant encore. And of course their last song is the one everyone has been waiting to hear – ‘Last Resort’.

It goes down a storm, and guarantees that when they come back next year with a new album under their belt, everyone in that room will be there.
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