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19 August 2008

Review: J.Majik & Wickaman - Crazy World

Crazy World is in fact the perfect clubbing song. Wether your in the sun drenched Ibiza or back home you know that you'll be dancing away like a loon to ...

18 August 2008

Review: Skepta - Rolex Sweep

When this song first bursts into life you would be forgiven for mistaking it with this summer's other Rolex obsessed song, Wiley's Wearing My Rolex.While the up tempo, electro pulsed ...

16 June 2008

White Lies 'Unfinished Business' Review

When Panic at the Disco dropped their exclamation mark and instead of being the circusmasters of the freewheeling 'emo' bandwagon, went and turned all Sgt. Peppers on our ears, it ...

12 June 2008

Operator Please 'Just A Song About Ping Pong' Review

Teen sensations Operator Please re-release their breakthrough hit 'Just A Song About Ping Pong' following the release of debut album 'Yes, Yes, Vindictive'.Hailing from the Gold Coast in Australia, vocalist ...

12 June 2008

Black Kids 'Hurricane Jane' Review

The best thing to come out Florida since Sunny Delight, Black Kids take their pre teen Cure-isms and transform them through the frantic synthesisers of the post-new rave generation. If ...

12 June 2008

The Last Shadow Puppets 'Standing Next To Me' Review

Alex Turner's side project or not, The Last Shadow Puppets are taking us right back to the 60s in a way that recalls early era-Bowie and more-prominently the often overlooked ...

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