The best thing to come out Florida since Sunny Delight, Black Kids take their pre teen Cure-isms and transform them through the frantic synthesisers of the post-new rave generation.

If 'I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You' was the soundtrack to the party in full swing, 'Hurricane Jane' is the sound of the climactic come-down.

Appearing to be fuelled by the drugged haze that has claimed many promising bands before them, Black Kids have built up their reputation through ramshackle live shows and setting the blogosphere alight.

Singer Reggie Youngblood echoes a young Robert Smith whilst the soulful delights of his keyboardist and backing-singer sister Ali add depth that should see the 'Kids through being 2008's buzz band.

A promising lead into debut album 'Partie Traumatic'.