Geva Alon - The Great Enlightenment

Geva Alon - The Great Enlightenment

Artist: Geva Alon

Single: The Great Enlightenment

Label: 2B Vibes Music


Rating: 3.5/5

Geva Alon is on the verge of releasing his fourth studio album but before its release he gives us a bit of a taster with his latest single the Great Enlightenment.

And is this track is anything to go by In The Morning Light is set to be a very atmospheric album as this is latest single is a haunting record.

There is almost a sense of drama with this song as the rather melancholic bass that plays throughout the entire track that really gives the song that atmosphere.

The opening verse of The Great Enlightenment sees Alon show off his lower vocal, which only adds to the mood of the song.

Into the chorus and Alon opens up his vocal range and he shows off the real uniqueness of his voice - there is something quite mesmerising about it it has to be said.

The Great Enlightenment mixes elements of pop, folk as well as a bit of Blues and it just gives the track a real depth and it just washes over you.

And while this is an atmospheric and somewhat haunting track the mix of genres and the great guitar solo towards the end really gives the song a warmth.

The Great Enlightenment shows off Alon as a great singer-songwriter as well as a very accomplished guitar player and a vocalist and is a great taster of what is to come with his new album.

Geva Alon - The Great Enlightenment is out now

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