Honey Ryder

Honey Ryder

Artist: Honey Ryder

Single: Marley’s Chains

Label: Oceanic Music


Rating: 5/5

Honey Ryder have a new album on the horizon later this summer but before that there is just the little matter of their fantastic new single Marley’s Chains.

This is one of the best tracks on the album and it’s not hard to see why this track was snapped up by US TV series of Body Of Proof.

Honey Ryder is one of those bands that blend two genres together so easily and seamlessly and this track is the perfect example as they mix pop and folk elements together.

But this is no run of the mill folk track there is a real upbeat and contemporary feel to it, it really is one of the best tracks from their forthcoming album of the same name.

 Marley’s Chains saw lead singer Lindsay O’Mahony team up with Emerson Hart to pen the song in Nashville, and there is a distinct Nashville sound to the track and yet it feel current at the same time.

And O’Mahony’s vocals are on top form as usual her soulful tones really being out the folk sound in the track.

Marley’s Chains really shows off what this band are all about; writing and recording contemporary folk music, and they really can gives the likes of Lady Antebellum a run for their money in this genre.

This track really does help set the tone for the rest of a fantastic album, which will be reviewed later this year, but this track is not to be missed while the album promises to be one of the best of the summer.

Honey Ryder - Marley’s Chains is out now

Click to buy Marley's Chains on CD: Honey Ryder - Marley's Chains CD

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