Maya von Doll

Maya von Doll

Artist: Maya von Doll

Single: Is This Love


Rating: 2/5

Maya von Doll really was one of the writing driving forces behind Nicolas Roberts' solo album and now she is back with material of her own.

Is This Love is out this week and is her solo debut album and while it does have quite a catchy beat to it there is a 'heard it all before' feel to this track.

This is a track that mixes electro elements with pop but it is more about the synths and the dance backtrack than it ever is about her voice.

Maya von Doll has a great writing ability and a lovely voice but unfortunately both are lost with the heavy dance backtrack that dominates the song.

The strong electro beats and synthetic blippery really do take centre stage here and so no doubt that this track will go down a storm in club up and down the country.

If club music is your thing then you will probably but if not them you should possibly give this one a miss.

Maya von Doll - Is This Love is out now

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