Artist: Moya

Single: Making Me Fall

Label: Four To One Records


Rating: 4/5

Moya has well and truly been on the up this year with the release of her debut album Lost and Found and this week she is back with her new single Making Me Fall.

And it is not hard to see why everyone is getting excited by this artist as Making Me Fall is another great tune that will only send her star higher.

Making Me Fall blends pop with a bit of soul it’s uplifting and energetic and is driven by a fantastic sounding piano.

Moya has a soulful and enchanting voice and shows off her full range with this track - at moments her voice is quite delicate and at others she shows off its power.

Neil Thomas’ vocal also features towards the back end of the track and the mixture of the two voices gives the back end of the song that little bit of extra something.

Making Me Fall is perhaps the most commercially sounding we have ever heard Moya but she hasn’t lost that quirky something that put her on everyone’s radar in the first place.

Making Me Fall is a great introduction to Moya if you are coming to her music for the first time and her debut album Lost and Found is well worth a listen.

Moya: Making Me Fall is out now

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