Send The Boats

Send The Boats

Artist: Sebastopol

Single: Send The Boats

Label: Warm Fuzz


Rating: 4/5

We are big fans of Sebastopol in the FemaleFirst office after the boys paid us a visit earlier this year and this week they are back with Send The Boats.

Send The Boats is the latest tack to be taken from their debut album Hello All Stations, This Is Zero and it another infectious and upbeat track.

The jangly guitars and driving bass is the heart of this track and they don’t do anything over the top with the production.

With this track Sebastopol let the vocals of Nick Powell and the music do the talking - they are not a band that needs over the top production or gimmicks to make great music.

Sebastopol create quite a nostalgic sound with their music and yet it never sounds dated, in fact Send The Boats nods back bands of old whist remaining contemporary.

Sebastopol is a band with a real energy and that is demonstrated on this track as well as the rest of their debut record.

Sebastopol - Send The Boats is out now

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