The Milk - Every Time We Fight

The Milk - Every Time We Fight

Artist: The Milk

Single: Every Time We Fight

Label: Sony Music


Rating: 3/5

It has already been a successful summer for The Milk with a host of sell out gigs and their debut album on the way.

But before we get that debut record they are back with their new single Every Time We Fight and this is perhaps a less rocky than their debut Broke Up The Family.

But it is a super catchy track and there is an almost retro feel to the song, which is so incredibly refreshing.

The track centres around the rousing chorus but there are great melodies throughout and the instruments used; guitar, piano and horns really do come together to create a really upbeat and almost dance sound.

The introduction to the track is incredibly reminiscent to Unfinished Symphony by Massive Attack, and this is what the track will inevitably be compared to.

But Rick is on top form with the vocals in what is an incredibly controlled performance from the lead singer - they don’t do anything fancy or over the top with the vocal performance and that works really well.

Every Time We Fight is a track that will grab your attention and will be blaring out at clubs up and down the country.

The Milk - Every Time We Fight is out now

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