The Robbie Boyd Band

The Robbie Boyd Band

Artist: The Robbie Boyd Band

Single: When I Believe

Label: Tawny Owl Records


Rating: 5/5

It seems all we have done here at FemaleFirst this summer is heap praise on The Robbie Boyd Band after a couple of great singles and a fantastic EP.

No soon has the singer-songwriter released one EP and another one is on the horizon and this latest single When I Believe is the first track to be released from Spring Generation.

The Robbie Boyd Band have a bit of a knack of delivering really catchy tracks and with When I Believe that carries on this fine tradition - seriously you won’t be able to get this out of your head.

The trademark folk sound is ever present in this new track put there are also great pop elements that make it incredibly commercial and radio friendly.

Robbie Boyd has an incredibly uplifting writing style and When I Believe is another really optimistic track about taking time before being ready to fall in love again.

Once again it is Robbie Boyd’s silky smooth vocal that takes centre stage - however the choir that is used on the track really does give the song a bit of extra depth.

The stripped back vocal at the beginning of the track is balanced beautifully when the song crescendos towards the end.

We will have to wait until 15th October for the release of Spring Generation EP but it is already one of the releases that I am most looking forward to.

The Robbie Boyd Band - When I Believe is out now

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