A.J. Ellis

After front Five O'Clock Heroes, A.J. Ellis is now standing on his own two feet as a solo artist and offers up this month his second solo single 'Stand Up'.

It's jaunty with hints of rockabilly, powerful enough to ensure you're left smiling, yet a little repetitive towards the end.

Ellis has clearly switched things up so he can tap into the country-pop genre of the industry, and it's something that pays off in spades.

You'll be muttering 'you've gotta stand up on your own' to yourself for hours on end after listening, the song seeping into your subconscious ensuring you're not left forgetting A.J.'s name too soon.

'Stand Up' is digitally released in the UK on June 16, taken from forthcoming debut solo album 'Bury The Devil', dropping this summer.

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