Ju Ju Sophie and Elisa Zoot of Candy Says

Ju Ju Sophie and Elisa Zoot of Candy Says

Four piece lo-fi chic pop band Candy Says are certainly something to get excited about.

Vintage organs (Ben Walker), and guitars (Elisa Zoot) are used to create modern sounds alongside Mike Monaghan on drums, and it should be noted that the entirety of their upcoming album was recorded in lead singer Ju Ju Sophie's bungalow.

Commanding vocals that are fleshed out with the combination of pop's best beats and electronic garage sounds are a sweet treat on the ears of any eager listener.

Yes, they're pop - but they're totally unique in their own way, and the album should be something to look forward to.

'Kiss Kill' is released today (30.9.13) via Cool For Cats as a limited edition coloured cassette tape with free download.

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