As a debut single, 'I Say' is a great introduction to the upbeat music that Norwegian artist Dagny will hopefully continue to go on and produce.

Slotting into the genre of folk-pop but with unique twists on the norm, the song details the fight facing those on a career path that isn't deemed 'the usual' - such as being a musician - and overcoming the prejudice from those around, doing "this my way".

If anything will immediately make people pay attention, it's this track. Dagny has done a fantastic job of selecting a tune that sounds different to any out right now, but recognisable enough to pick-up in a couple of listens.

It's fresh and funky and will make you smile whilst also contemplating the chase we all face in life to achieve our goals and live the dream. A very strong step onto the music scene.

Dagny's debut single 'I Say' is released July 28.

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