Franco and the Dreadnought

Franco and the Dreadnought

When you hear the jazz opening to the track, you're not completely expecting rap lines to be put over the beat.

The chorus comes in and it's a little disappointing to hear Franco strain to reach those high notes.

The track has good production value, and the delivery is raw, but fails to bring any true emotion to the forefront.

Franco however must be doing something right - he was personally asked to write a song about Nelson Mandela's life by Desmond Tutu who then gave the song to Mandela as a birthday gift.

He's also just completed a huge tour across America, which included 21 gigs and collaborative writing sessions with big names including Pam Sheyne and Marcella Detroit.

The bonus track - 'Aftermath' - is much better and provides some real attitude alongside a catchy tune. This really should have been the lead - it's got a beat that could light up any club.

'I Want It All' is released November 26 through Respect Music.

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