Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

The punk rock star has released her latest track, Here’s To Never Growing Up, ahead of her fifth studio album, but unfortunately it’s still more of the same.

Avril Lavigne clearly isn’t afraid of stagnating her music career.

The video sees her return to her first album roots, even adopting the same outfit and panda eye make-up.

Whilst Here’s To Never Growing Up is OK to listen to with its catchy lyrics and strong guitars, Lavigne’s latest attempt is underwhelming. The chorus demonstrates Lavigne's lack of adventure when it comes to writing her own songs.

Here's To Never Growing Up falls sadly into the generic pop style that we have come to expect from her rather than breaking new ground which is what we want to see.

If Lavigne never tries to move on from her teenage days, she’ll soon lose any fanbase that she has left.

Here’s To Never Growing Up is mediocre at best, and with her last album Goodbye Lullaby being something of a flop, the lead single of her next album isn’t promising much.

Here’s To Never Growing Up is available now.


by Julia Molloy