Nyika - 'Crying Days'

Nyika - 'Crying Days'

A tremendous instrumental introduces new soul-funk track 'Crying Days' from Nyika, and while the rising star is impressive when we can hear her clearly, an overpowering amount of autotune is used to gloss over any imperfections that may have been present.

Unfortunately, this have a negative effect on the track as a whole. The obvious manipulation of her voice is a turn off from the instant you hear it, and the catchy beats and infectious tune can only go so far in a bid to save it.

Not to say this isn't a talented artist - just that the production on this single may not have been the best route to go down.

It's halfway there and perhaps needs reworking, but she's certainly one you should keep an eye on in the future. There's hopefully a lot more, albeit different material to come.

'Crying Days' is out now, released through Nyika's own record label 'Too Hip' Records.

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