This is simple in-your-face rock and it works astoundingly well.
Single Cover 'Smash Routine'

Single Cover 'Smash Routine'

The band released their EP last year and now they release one of the tracks titled Smash Routine as a leading single.

The song is a pleasing mix of alternative rock and electronica with storming guitar riffs alongside surges of infectious melodies. Their new track is promising and leaves me wanting more; I wonder what will happen next with the band.  I am not too fond of the scream like vocals present in the track but that is just my personal preference, I feel that the vocalist really shines when he restrains his vocals and sings with his soft rock tone.

The band consists of Jak Stephens on vocals, guitar and electronics, Andy Cheadle on bass and vocals and Phillip Broadhead on drums. They formed back in 2010 but the band mates were already acquainted with each other when they met in college. They all have individual music inspirations including the Deftones, Beastie Boys and Rage against the Machine. So far the boys have received an excellent reputation for their live performances and many have commented on their performances, labelling them ‘manic.’

The have upcoming live dates in the UK, the next one is in Birmingham on the 15th of June at the Actress and Bishop and they will also be performing in Bristol on the 27th of June at the Mother’s Ruin.

Music Dissection gave the single an excellent review also and commented by saying that 'This is simple in-your-face rock and it works astoundingly well. The vocals bounce from an exceptionally soft 'woo woo woo' to the metal-esque climax, and it's this variation within the music that make it worth your while. The tinkling intro and gruff, untamed guitars are also admirable however, supported by suitably intense drumming that only gets better as these four and a half minutes progress.'

Their EP was released at the end of last year and has certainly sparked interest, I believe that soon their sound will ignite the ears of the country and their secrecy will soon be lost. Minimum reminds me of the band Muse and with this excellent single Minimum will easily stand out in the genre of Electro Rock in the UK. I imagine that the band will eventually gain the recognition they deserve and in the future they will become one of the biggest names in Electro Rock music. 

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