Dropping a brand new exclusive song on Tidal in the likely hopes of boosting its downloads and subscriber base, Rihanna is back with the latest cut from her forthcoming eighth studio album, new track 'American Oxygen'.

At over five minutes long, the tune has to be something special to keep you interested throughout.

"You can be anything at all in America" sings Rihanna, but is that really the truth? "This is the New America / We are the New America" is chanted alongside images of the Ferguson protests and more in the music video.

Credit: TIDAL
Credit: TIDAL

Here the popstar croons about the American Dream and creating your own empire, but perhaps the timing of the video's release is a little off with the news that a police officer will face charges of murder for shooting black, unarmed Walter Scott dead after stopping him for having a bust headlight on his car. Has anything really changed?

The melodies and chorus especially are catchy but unfortunately, the song isn't one that's going to stick with you. It had the ability to become one of the most hard-hitting tunes of the year, but it's rushed and at times, boring.

It's an anthem that hopes to inspire and encourage those who may not yet be brave enough to go out there and achieve their dreams. If it can do that for even one person, Rihanna will have been successful in her mission. But as far as the song goes against those in her back catalogue - it comes somewhere towards the mid-bottom of the list.

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