Sam Brookes

With a tiny bit of echo and a whole lot of passion, Sam Brookes manages to prove in just under four minutes why he's chasing his dreams as a musician.

I've always been a fan of acoustic and stripped back music. I feel that it brings out the best in any singer and Sam certainly backs up that sentiment.

The lyrics soaring through 'This Is The Place' are more detailed and emotive than many you may have heard, but not at all difficult to understand.

It's that clear and powerful vocal which will seep into your pores and stick with you, persuading you to delve a little deeper and find out more about Sam and his other material.

The only thing missing is one massive note which I'm sure he'd have no trouble in hitting. There's a lot to remember but not a solitary moment that will take your breath away.

New album 'Kairos' by Sam Brookes and single 'This Is The Place' are both out now.

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