Stephen Emmer

With a 40-second opening that could almost be used to set the scene for a Hollywood blockbuster, the musical genius displayed on the instrumental for this track is something special.

'Untouchable' is a ballad, but whereas you may think of these types of songs being soppy and full of self-pity, this is one that manages to give the impression of being completely in control and possessing an immense amount of power.

Combining the composition and arrangement of Stephen Emmer with the writing and performance of Glenn Gregory from 80's synth pop band Heaven 17 may seem a strange choice, but it is one that's led to something quite special, especially so with production from Tony Visconti.

This track radiates like one lifted from the soundtrack of a Broadway musical. It tells a real story and envelops the listener as if they're a part of the scene.

The vocals are an acquired taste. At first I wasn't sure I liked what I heard, but as the song progressed I found myself warming to what was on offer, and though they weren't my favourite part of the track, it's fair to say they're not the most important with this piece.

It has been noted that 'Untouchable' is a tribute to the late Billy Mackenzie of band The Associates - a great friend of the band and a talented singer in his own right, who was lost to a premature and untimely death.

'Untouchable' is the first song to be lifted from the forthcoming album 'International Blue', created by Stephen who's joined by a collective of artists throughout the tracks included.

The single is out now.

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