Ruthlessly infectious, Will and the People are taking influence from a score of genres including reggae and ska, punk, rock and pop in their new single.

This isn't your typical tune and instead bounces between themes in an upbeat exploration of being at the top and suffering, whilst "the bottom is a trustworthy rock".

Instrumental is carefully constructed to lift the song rather than drown it, and the vocals are distinct and unique enough to allow the group to carve their own path rather than tag-on to one that's already been trodden.

Perhaps most important is that they're entirely likeable, and that seeps through the pores of the tune in every way possible. You go away from it wishing them every success, and hoping to hear more of the same from the forthcoming LP.

'Trustworthy Rock' is released August 4 ahead of brand new album 'Whistleblower' on September 15.

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