Papa Roach - By Andy Squire

Papa Roach - By Andy Squire

Papa Roach’s fifth album ‘Metamorphosis’ has put the Californian quartet back on the rock map with its balls-to-the-wall, in-your face rock. First viral single ‘Hollywood Whore’ impressed fans and critics alike, giving UK fans a taster of greater things to come.

Now the Grammy-nominated group return with a new single 'Lifeline' which is out on June 22nd through DGC/Interscope Records and will no doubt help them maintain their rock crown. The band also release digital acoustic EP ‘Naked and Fearless’ on the same day which will consist of the tracks ‘Lifeline’ (acoustic), ‘Had Enough’ (acoustic) and Carry Me (acoustic).

‘Lifeline’ is a foot-stomping, fire in your belly rock track that boasts a snaky riff that snaps into a bombastic chorus. Having wowed UK audiences with sold-out shows last month, Papa Roach returned to play the daddy of all rock festivals – Download – as second headliners on the 2nd stage, before embarking on two more dates in the UK.

"We bring it live," Shaddix says. "Listening to a record is one thing, but when you come to one of our shows, it's like the last tribal experience. Playing shows every night is what we're built for. We make a club feel like an arena, and we make an arena feel like a club.”

See below a great video which documents ten amazing years ‘bringing it’ on the music scene.

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