Papa Roach

Papa Roach

October 21 will see Papa Roach's new single 'Before I Die' released, taken from their latest album 'The Connection'.

The reflective track explores the idea of a broken-down relationship, looking back and questioning the reasons as to why that relationship had to end.

An infectious chorus and atmospheric instrumental throughout keep you listening - hoping to discover with the lyricist Jacoby Shaddix just what went wrong and why.

Love songs come aplenty, but this is one that should stick with you for a while after listening - the level of relatability is extremely high.

Papa Roach's UK tour kicks off in December, where they'll headline at eight different venues across the nation. Middle Class Rut and American Fangs will support.

Tickets can be purchased from and a deluxe edition of 'The Connection' is available at

Check out the lyric video for 'Before I Die' below.

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