Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

In the case of these hot celeb papas, 40 really is the new 30! You've got to love celebville for its generous offering of sexy celebrity dads - here are FemaleFirst's 11 hotties in their 40s.

1. Hugh Jackman

He's Wolverine, and boy does he look good with those claws! The 44-year-old Australian hottie is constantly pictured going for a run down the beach or taking a casual stroll with his two children Ava and Oscar. But, most of all, we love all those moments when he's captured emerging, bare-chested might we add, from the ocean - just how we like him!

2. Robert Downey Jr

Just look at that handsome face. At 47, the Hollywood star is still rocking a rugged and attractive look with his style choices on point too. He is daddy to two kids, Indio, 19 and little 11-month-old bab Exton.

 3. Johnny Depp

Another superbly dashing Hollywood hottie - Johnny Depp's mysetrious looks and unkempt wavy hair lands him the number three spot. We especially loved the 49-year-old as Captain Jack Sparrow! Johnny is the celeb papa of two beautiful children with ex Vanessa Paradis - Lily-Rose, 13 and 10-year-old Jack. 

4. Tyson Beckford

The classic tall, dark and handsome looks of Tyson Beckford melt our hearts everytime. The American fashion model and actor has the most beautiful brown eyes and the 'I-haven't-shaved-in-a-while' look is incredibly sexy on him. He looks mighty fine for 42 and is a father of one to teenage son Jordan. 

5. Ben Affleck

He's a real Hollywood super-dad to three adorable kids kids, Violet, Serphina and Samuel, and the Argo star looks as dashing now, at the age of 40, than ever before. It seems that fatherhood has really worked in his favour!

6. Daniel Craig

He's James Bond. Need we say more? Oh yes, let's talk about those dazzling blue eyes and that epic scene of the British actor walking out of the sea in Casino Royal, massive swoon! The 44-year-old is dad to daughter, Ella, 20. 

7. Eric Dane

Oh that smile. We could look at him all day long! The 40-year-old American actor has two kids, Billie and Georgia, and we think he's, hands down, one of celebville's hottest papas!

8. Daniel Dae Kim

He plays Detective Chin Ho Kelly on the hit TV series Hawaii-Five-O, an he definitely looks fit in all his cop gear! The Korean-American actor has two sons, Zander and Jackson, and we just can't help but stare at his beautiful, perfectly chiseled face. 

9. Patrick Dempsey

Dr McDreamy can pop into our deams anytime! His gorgeous greeny/blue eyes, masculine jaw and cheeky smile earn the 46-year-old papa of three, to Tallula, Sullivan and Darby, a spot on our hottest over 40s list.

10. Gavin Rossdale

This cheeky rockstar chappy is too cute for words. The 47-year-old is a father-of-three to daughter Daisy and sons Kingston and Zuma, and he sure looks fresh-faced with a to-die-for bod as well might we add.

11. Will Smith

Possibly the happiest celebrity dad in showbiz, Will Smith is the headman of a mega-talented celeb family. He is dad to Jaden, Willow and Trey (from a previous marriage). We love that he's still trendy, smiling and all-round flawless at 44-years-old. 

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