If you intended to have a minimal pregnancy and live simply when your first baby was born, but struggled to because people were generous with gifts or you didn’t know what you would need so you bought one of everything- it’s ok- you have another chance. So, if you are about to have your second baby or are thinking of extending your family and you want a be be more minimal this time around here are a few tips to stop your house from filling up with unnecessary items:

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Write down the pitfalls from your first time around: Everyone likes to buy for babies, most of all their mother, so try to recall what drove you to spend cash on your first baby that ended up being a waste of money. Was it watching too many influencers on YouTube? Was it pressure to continue with your family’s traditions of having certain brands? Did you spend too much time scrolling shopping sites for inspiration? Were you looking for a quick fix? Try to remember what you bought because you felt you had to and the habits you formed that led to purchasing more and you will know to avoid these this time. 

Make a list of the things you used last time: As well as the things you didn’t. Every baby is different and what worked for your first might not for your second, however you know yourself looking back, what you used and what you didn’t. For instance you may have got loads of use out of a puddle pod or a Jumparoo but never put a nappy in your nappy bin once and lost all the baby socks that you put on your little one’s feet. Make a list of the things that were invaluable to you and those that weren’t and you know what not to buy this time around. 

Make a list of things you have: Take a look in the attic or basement for the things you kept from your first child. You may remember the larger ticket items like the cot or the pram, but there might be a few surprises up there that you’ve forgotten about. Clothing, toys and equipment to name a few- so before heading onto Amazon, take stock of what you already have in storage. 

Check what can be passed down from your first child: If there is only a small age gap between them take a look around their space for anything they might have grown out of such toys, books, games, clothes, shoes, etc that could be passed down to your new baby. This will save you money in the long run and stop you from doubling up. 

Make a list of things you NEED: There will be things you need to get, even if you did keep a lot from your first pregnancy so make a list and stick to it. When you shop for these items, don’t let yourself get sucked into browsing or you will only end up with more stuff than you can store. 

If people ask you what you want as a gift- get specific: Rather than being polite and asking for something very wishy washy like 'clothes'- give them detail. You need babygrows, size 3-6 months in white. Refer to the list you made in the previous point so you can send links if necessary, then you know that the gifts you receive for your baby will be practical. If you get to a point where you have everything you need, ask for money to put in your baby’s bank account or a voucher for your local supermarket for nappies, formula and wipes. Deep down people are only trying to help even if they show up with bags of things for your baby so a bit of direction won’t go amiss. 

Have a baby donation box: Place a box in the bottom of your baby’s wardrobe and as soon as they have grown out of something, pop it in the box ready for donation or to pass on to someone you know. This will keep anything separate that is no longer useful to you at this time so you aren’t grabbing for things- only to find that they aren’t suitable. Try to cleanse their room of these items once the box gets full too so it’s not overflowing and encroaching on the rest of the space.

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