Being a minimalist when you live alone is easy because you only have yourself to think of, add in a partner and it gets more challenging- but when you put a baby in the mix- it can be close to impossible to maintain this lifestyle with the influx of things that threaten to come into your home. Here are some tips on staying a minimalist even when you become a mummy.

Only buy what you need

Only buy what you need

Avoid buying your baby things all the time: It is tempting to get your baby every cute outfit you see, every toy you think they would like to play with and every product to keep their skin soft and smooth. This can happen even if you are a self-professed minimalist. Resist the urge to buy your baby lots of things because they don’t need lots of things. Apply the same logic you do to yourself. They only need so many clothes and a few toys to keep them engaged and you can only use one product on their skin at one time. Babies enjoy simple pleasures- just like you do- they are little minimalists at heart.

Be mindful about what you really need: Even if you like to keep things minimal- you have probably been fooled into thinking you need a huge amount of stuff when your baby is born- you don’t. Buy the basics and you can always add if you find you really need something. Better to do it this way than buy too much and find you don’t use half of it.

Spend time doing things with your baby: If you avoid buying them too many toys- it paves the way for more mother and baby interaction through singing, walking, playing peek-a-boo and going to classes. All of which are more beneficial than putting a hunk of plastic in front of them.

Teach them to appreciate the outdoors from a young age: The sooner you get out with the pram, or sit out in the garden (remember sun care!) the better, as they will get used to being out of the house which will filter through into their later years. Ever seen an unhappy child outdoors? Exactly. Plus, this form of entertainment is free!

Only buy what you need: There are exceptions to the rule like nappies, wipes and formula, because you know you will use these and you don’t want to run out of these essentials. Everything else can wait until it’s required, saving you precious space in your home. One set of clothes in the next size up is enough to keep in their room and when they fit in that- you can make a special effort to increase their wardrobe. There are always sales on in supermarkets for baby clothes so you won’t miss out on a bargain when you need to replenish.

Get advice from others on what you really need: Anyone who is already a mother will be able to tell you what she used and what she wasted her money on. Take note- these are the experts when it comes to purchasing.

Keep a constant flow of baby items through your home: If you have a bag or basket dedicated to donation- do the same for your baby. As soon as they grow out of their clothes and toys place them in there and empty it often by taking it to the children’s centre or local charity shop.

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