Now we’ve hit the twelfth day of the month, it seems prudent to explore what being born on this day means for those who have a connection to the number twelve. Here are just a few things you can expect from your child as the years pass by… 



Maturity: Number twelve babies are mature from an early age and although they will enjoy play they won’t be as impressed by silliness, which is something they will carry through with them into their latter years. While this is a positive trait in many ways, it can also mean that your child has the potential to miss out on fun. Try to teach them the joys of letting go and inviting some spontaneity into their life. 

Weakness: Your child will show weakness in some areas of their life, as we all do- however they will take to heart the things they struggle with. Luckily, they will grow out of this once they gain some life experience. Encourage them in the areas they feel they are lacking and explain that we can't all be good at everything! 

Thrive in later life: Continuing on from the last point- your child may not excel themselves when they are young, but they will most certainly do so once they become an adult. Try not to worry too much about them when they are little, their chance to shine will come along and when it does- be their biggest cheerleader. 

Ups and downs: Your child will do well, however they will also have a lot of highs and lows in their life too. Luckily, the ups will more than make up for the downs- but your son or daughter should never get too complacent because things will change quickly for them. Be there for them when things don’t go their way and be sure to keep them grounded when they do. 

Lucky in love: One area you don’t have to worry about is your child’s ability to forge a meaningful relationship with a partner. They will have a healthy and long union with whoever they choose to be with. Welcome the person they bring home with open arms as they are likely to stick around. 

Experimental: Number twelves like to experiment, they are open to new experiences and enjoy a sense of freedom. Try to encourage them to seek out other people of the same mindset for friends and partners or this clash could lead to breakdowns in these relationships should they expect the same from everyone else they spend their time with. 

Petty: A baby born on the twelfth can be a petty individual and focus their energy on the little, trivial things rather than looking at the bigger picture. Your role as their parent will be to help them see things more widely instead of concentrating on details that have little significance in the long term. 

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