When my daughter was first born- I immediately thought- she does nothing but poo, sleep and cry. Which to some extent is true but there are still things you can do to with a baby other than change nappies, feed them and rock them to sleep.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First


Once your new born has had all their jabs they are safe to swim. Most local pools will run classes for babies and toddlers or there are always the companies that specialise in teaching your baby to swim like Water Babies who will likely host sessions in a pool near you- just have a look online. Be warned however- it is a challenge trying to get your baby and yourself ready in a cubicle so if you can take a partner, friend or family member to give you a helping hand I would strongly advise you do so. If you don’t have that luxury- I found a roll up mat helped. I could place my baby on there with a toy so I knew she was safe while I got dressed and them I could dry her and dress her afterwards.

Listen to music

My daughter reacted positively to music from being very young, so I try and put music on while she is getting ready for bed, in the car and when I have her nearby when I am doing jobs around the house. Depending on your music of choice, it can calm your baby down so you might like to try it before a nap or before bed time to help to create a soothing atmosphere.

Go for a walk

Pop your baby in the pram and go outside when the weather is fine. You can make it as long or as short as you like. You might just want to nip to the corner shop for some milk or you may prefer to go and visit someone who lives not too far away. Alternatively, you might like to just go at your own pace around the park. Either way it gets you out of the house, inhaling the fresh air and allows your baby to get used to the outdoors.

Play peek-a-boo

Babies love this game as they genuinely think you have gone when you disappear behind something- so the reunion is always a joyous one! There are so many things you can hide behind- a blanket, your hands or a large toy and enjoy their smiles when they are reunited with their mum.

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Read them a book

I read to my baby from her being only a few days old. I wanted to instil the habit in her early even if she couldn’t understand what I was reading to her. I chose Beatrix Potter to start with and followed on with Harry Potter, which are both- of course way beyond her years, but she enjoys the rising and falling intonations in my voice and the strange facial expressions I pull to make her smile. It also gives you another chance to enjoy all the books you read and had read to you when you were a child.


Whether you have a good singing voice or not- they don’t mind- but love to hear you have a go! I sang the same songs to my daughter repeatedly and now her face lights up when she hears a familiar tune. If you don’t have a radio or music on your phone- this can be a great substitute to get them used to new sounds. It also helps to soothe them when they are upset.

Mat time

A play mat is a sound investment when you have a new born. Some are embellished with overhead hanging toys to encourage baby to reach, music, mirrors so they can see themselves and varied materials so baby can get used to new textures.

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