Since becoming a mum, I have been preoccupied with everything that I can teach my daughter- how to wave, how to roll over, how to hold a sippy cup; to name just a few. But, amidst the baby brain fog that is early motherhood, I realised that she has a lot to teach me too. Here are seven ways she has made me re-think the way I live every day.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Babies have their priorities in check

Babies know what is really important in life- good, regular nutrition, sleep, a roof over their head and to have someone in their world who loves them. So, what can we take from this? As adults we need to make a note of the small things we have and appreciate them more often. Not everyone has a full belly at meal times, there are people in the world who are not adequately clothed for the conditions they live in and some have lost their loved ones. Be more baby and seek out the basic things we have that we often take for granted.

Babies are happy with the simplest of things

They find joy in toys yes, but they also find great pleasure in playing with things that are already around the house. They don’t need to have hundreds of pounds spent on them to be content. So, why not look around your home and before going out and spending money on something you want rather than need-take stock of what you already have. Before you invest in another book- read the ones that line your shelves- before you spend money on a new outfit, can you make do and mend? Before you press the ‘buy’ button on your favourite shopping site, ask yourself if you could be spending your time doing something more fulfilling.

Babies are always overjoyed to see you after a period of separation

Whether it’s after a night of sleep, because they are being looked after by a family member or because you have been hidden behind a towel for a matter of seconds in a playful game of peek-a-boo. Babies light up at the point of reunion with their parents and we need to take a leaf out of their book. Sometimes adult life can make us forget to do something as simple as greet our partners or family members with warmth, love and attention. So, next time your significant other comes home or someone you care about returns from wherever they have been- give them a wide smile and let them know you are happy that they have been returned safely to you.

Babies don’t care about the things we do

Babies don’t rate you based on your choice of outfit, your hairstyle, your bank balance or what you do for a career. They are non-judgemental beings who look at you with pure adoration because you are their mum or their dad and to them you are their world- their everything. We could all do with focusing on the kindness and love people show to others as opposed to the material things they possess, the money they earn or the houses they live in.

Babies are honest with their feelings

If a baby cries it’s for good reason- they are hungry, they need changing or are tired. Babies don’t manipulate others with their emotions because their reactions are in response to something real. As adults we might use our emotions to get our own way or worse, hide how we are truly feeling. If we all lived like babies, we would be honest with how we actually feel so when someone asks ‘how are you?’ you don’t give the robotic and automatic answer of ‘I’m fine’ when you’re really not.

Babies have the ability to make you smile in the darkest of times

Motherhood is hard and sometimes you don’t want to leave the house, get showered or speak to anyone because you don’t feel like the best version of yourself. But just as you feel you have hit rock bottom through a mixture of exhaustion and readjustment- your baby will make you laugh unexpectedly with a cheeky smile, a well-timed bodily function or even a giggle. We could all do to be this person when someone is going through a difficult time in their life. So, if someone you know is struggling- be their baby and do something silly to make them smile again. Or indeed, if you are the one who is finding things hard, seek out someone whom you know will bring you out of your slump.

Babies know when to rest

Babies are expert nappers- if they are tired, they will take some time out to recuperate by getting some rest. We don’t all have the luxury of being able to take a mid-morning or afternoon nap, but it’s important to recognise when your body needs to take some time out. Be honest with yourself and if you need an early night, to book some time off work or just take ten minutes to yourself to gather your thoughts- it’s vital that you do so.

There we have it- seven ways we all need to be more baby- whether you are a parent or not- babies are wiser than we give them credit for and it’s time to live by their example.

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