Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is to be invited to join the Women's Institute.

The Duchess of Sussex

The Duchess of Sussex

The 37-year-old royal - who married Prince Harry at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in May - is to be given the chance to join the organisation in the UK and thereby follow in the footsteps of other members of her family, including the Queen.

Vicky Booth - the secretary of East Sussex Women's Institute - told The Sun newspaper: "It'd be lovely if she followed the example of other royals.

"An invitation might well happen. It wouldn't matter if it was East or West Sussex. It would help raise the WI's profile."

The Queen and the Queen Mother have both served as the President of the Sandringham branch of the Women's Institute, while Camilla is a member in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

The organisation campaigns on behalf of women and seeks to provide them with educational opportunities.

Meanwhile, Nick Kent - the executive producer of the behind-the-scenes documentary 'Queen of the World' - recently hailed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as a "dream team".

He shared: "She's a professional in front of the camera. He and Meghan are a dream team."

Nick also claimed that the former 'Suits' actress is already making a mark on the British royals.

The producer pointed to the Duchess' wedding dress featuring a piece of the dress she wore on her first date with the Duke to prove his point.

He explained: "A powerful example of that is the piece of blue fabric in the [wedding] dress. That was a very private gesture that she made, to have that piece of fabric sewn in, nobody knew about that. The fact that she was happy to share that, you know, it's quite an intimate insight.

"The other thing, is that it's a mistake to think that the monarchy stays the same. In a sense, reinventing how you fulfil your duties as a member of the royal family is something that's not a new thing. So in a funny way, she's kind of following in the tradition of Queen herself and Princess Diana."