On Sunday 11th November 2018 Muscat International Airport had its official opening by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Fahd bin Mahmoud Al Said.

Muscat Airport

Muscat Airport

I had been lucky enough to be invited to be part of the occasion by Oman Aviation to the grand opening of Muscat Airport and being a keen flier could not miss a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

On arrival at Muscat Airport my first impressions of the airport, it was pristine, very modern, well laid out plenty of travellators to speed you along. No fear of getting lost as everything was clearly identified - lots of easy to read information signage pointing us to passport control, then straight out to collect my luggage. 

I was met in arrivals by a representative of Oman Airways who took me to a lounge to meet by my fellow group of travellers and have breakfast before heading off to our hotel.

We were staying about 10 minutes away from the airport in the world famous Kampinski Hotel, sat right on the beach front a hotel that lives up to its world class status.

Oman air opened to the public in on the 20th March 2018 and operates up to 200 flights each day from the new terminal, which has three floors up to departures and then a further two floors all linked by a central area. The airport has its own hotel the Airside Hotel which has ninety rooms.

Check in whether departing or arriving is quick, precise, and easy process through security. An additional extra are the two robots that travel around the airport able to answer many different questions about your flight places within the airport and you can even have a selfie picture she will do that for you also. 

The young passengers are well looked after with a play area, great idea to keep the kids happy, or if you just wanted to chill there are a number of lounges, Muscat has several lounges from economy, business, and first-class lounges for peace and quite.

The architect and theme of the airport is very Omani inspired from the terrain and with the natural beauty of the mountains and desert all very tranquil and relaxing with its marble floors the airport just oozes luxury even at the side of some of the travellators are real preserved palm trees.   

If you are travelling business class there is even more luxury on offer if you need to have a sleep you can request one of their very own bedrooms at no extra cost, family lounging areas, shower and wellness facilities and for those who fancy being pampered while waiting for your flight they have a spa.  

The airport has many restaurants from a bite to eat snack through to a buffet which had a variety of fabulous foods snacks salads main courses and desserts, the beef dish I had was amazing.

I was also able to have a look at first class lounges which again had the same luxurious interiors, a stunning airport that has won several awards and I can see why.

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