Following our stay at Holiday Inn London - Bloomsbury (the review for which you can read here), we got the opportunity to spend a night at another branch of the hotel's London offerings, this time at Regent's Park. We were offered an executive room for one night, along with dinner and breakfast, and after a long day at DragCon UK, we were more than ready to check out the digs.

In the heart of central London, the hotel is just a few minutes' walk away from three separate tube stations, with tourist spots including London Zoo, Madame Tussauds and the West End within walking distance. If you're hitting the English capital for a break and fancy some fun things to do, then Regent's Park is one of the best places you could choose to stay.

As seems the trend with Holiday Inn hotels, the staff are extremely friendly, quick to help out with any problems and working with a smile. They had no problem in holding our cases ahead of our official check-in early in the morning, and when we returned they were efficient in handing them straight back before handing us the keys to our room.

Holiday Inn London - Regent's Park
Holiday Inn London - Regent's Park

The executive room itself was a beautiful and roomy affair. It immediately felt like somewhere a tourist could call home, with welcoming colours and accents that complimented one another perfectly. A double bed sat opposite a television and a sofa, with a desk and plenty of plug sockets in easily accessible spots around the bedroom. Don't forget the pillow menu! If the ones provided aren't your usual type, you can request a softer or harder pillow so you get a great night's sleep.

The main room led into a double-roomed bathroom, the first including the bath and shower, as well as the sink, with the toilet separated in its own spot. This allows for further privacy which is perfect for friends who may be sharing the room; not always something that's easy to gain in central London hotels.

Free wireless internet was included with the room and there was plenty of coffee and tea for our time (included with the room), as well as snacks and drinks available for an extra fee. A safety deposit box was also in the room, so that valuables could be left safely whilst guests explore the city.

Holiday Inn London - Regent's Park
Holiday Inn London - Regent's Park

When it came time to check out the on-site restaurant, I was looking forward to seeing what was on offer. The menu that we went with was very similar to the one available at the Bloomsbury branch, so I tried a trio of different dishes. Up first, the Tomato and Basil Soup, which came served with some chunky pieces of bread. The soup was delicious, hot and plentiful, served in a gorgeous white dish. The serving size was perhaps a little too big, but who can complain about getting too much food?

For my main, I went for the House Lasagne, which was served with a mixed salad and garlic bread. The lasagne was beautiful; nice and cheesy with plenty of flavour. The garlic bread was a little dry, but piling some lasagne on top of it meant that it was easy to eat!

Finally, for dessert I opted for the Chocolate Orange Torte, which was very refreshing and served with vanilla ice cream. It was soft and light, despite the usually-heavy content, clearly created by a very talented chef.

After a glass of wine, it was time for bed ahead of an early start the next day, and I've gotta say, I slept like a baby. The bed was so comfortable that I think I fell asleep pretty much as soon as my head hit the pillow. What else could a hotel guest ask for?

As an overall experience, our stay at Holiday Inn London - Regent's Park was certainly a memorable one, and for all the right reasons! It's certainly somewhere I'll be keeping in mind for any future stays in the capital.

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