On the beach, a leading travel agent found that Brits have a strict preparation before their holidays going to the gym to make sure their bodies are as toned and beautiful as they can be!  


35% say that they alter their eating and exercise habits at least six months before their holiday, 13% leave it till one month before and 11% do crash diets an excessive exercise before going abroad. It would seem that these attitudes towards keeping trim carry through the holiday as many report feeling thinner when they return.


40% feel that they need to have tanning sessions before hand in order to prepare their bodies before going on the beach. 20% go to tanning salons a month in advance of their holiday. One in three opt for tanning salons, whereas one in four decide to use fake tan, proving that tanning beds are the most popular way to get your body looking like it belongs abroad.


A quarter of men decide to also use the tanning salons to get ready for their getaway, not just women.


The diets, gym sessions and tanning appear to have a positive effect on return as only 4% reveal that they lack confidence when they get back from their holiday.


94% are guilty of spending some of their holiday budget on clothes appropriate for the warmer climes before they go as well as beauty products to maintain that fresh faced look. One in four spends over £150 in clothes that are beach friendly in preparation.


Despite all the focus on appearances, 56% leave packing till the last minute, often packing the day before.


Alistair Daly, Chief Marketing Officer at On the Beach,


“It’s clear from these results the days of pale beer bellies on the beach is long over, as Brits take great pride in feeling and looking good when away. We work very hard for our well-deserved holidays and the build-up is often just as exciting as the break itself, so by starting to prepare early it prolongs that great holiday feeling.”



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