sick child

sick child

Topical at the moment as Spanish Hospitals are charging British people for health care when it should be free.


Over 2,000 Brits have revealed that their biggest fear while abroad is getting medial help, according to i-interpret4u. it is no wonder this is that case after reports that hospitals in Spain are preoccupied with money rather than healthcare and people are being turned away if their health insurance is not up to scratch.



Overall Brits are worriers and taken out of their comfort zone at home are concerned about their holidays abroad, whereas a smaller proportion (17%) find going away not stressful at all. When asked about their biggest three fears the ones that were unanimous were illness, losing your passport and losing your luggage.


Michael French, Director at i-interpret4u thinks that people will always worry about being put in unfamiliar and potentially frightening situations abroad and current headlines only serve to rationalise those fears:


“You’re miles away from home, you don’t speak the language, often you don’t truly understand the culture and you end up ill or injured in a foreign hospital – that’s enough to unnerve even the bravest British traveller. To make matters worse, hospitals in Spain and many other countries are trying to survive in a struggling economy and tourist hot-spots like this that are popular with Brits put us directly in the line of fire from a cost point of view. Add to that the language barrier and the scenario becomes all the more complex for even the most seasoned traveller to deal with.”


The research also revealed that:


  • Women are almost twice as likely to worry about travelling abroad, than men.
  • 85% don’t worry about not being able to speak a foreign language.
  • Women are twice as likely to worry about being bitten by a creepy crawly.
  • Women are more likely to fret about putting on weight while on holiday.
  • In a battle of the sexes, the third biggest fear for women abroad is being attacked or mugged.


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