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Singapore Airlines

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To celebrate the launch of their new northern summer flight schedule, which can shorten the time it takes to travel down under, Singapore Airlines has put together some advice on how to remove the fuss from flying long haul.

The changes to the timetable mean improved flight frequency and connection times from Singapore to onward destinations across Australasia, including additional flights to Melbourne and Adelaide and quicker connection times to destinations including Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Perth and Christchurch. 

Whilst flying can be the part of a trip which holidaymakers least look forward to, smart planning means it doesn’t have to be this way.

By using the following tips from Singapore Airlines as a guide, the journey may become an integral part of the pleasurable holiday experience, helping travellers to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.

Before you travel

Tip: Flying long haul will usually require a stopover and where you change is an important factor to consider when booking flights. From the timings of a flight and the effect this will have on your body clock, to the total journey length and the opportunity to experience an additional stopover destination, where you choose to transit can add another layer of adventure to a trip.

Tip: Careful planning around the timing of an outbound flight can help make the best use of time away, as planning for a flight to arrive in the morning at your stopover destination will provide a full day in which to explore before flying on to your final location. 

Tip: Taking a stopover flight provides the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of another city before reaching your ultimate destination - essentially a holiday within a holiday.

Singapore Airlines offers its customers the chance to book a Singapore Stopover Holiday from just £11 per person per night, helping travellers to make the most of their trip via the city state, for minimal additional expenditure. Including accommodation, transfers and an optional extra bundle of activities throughout Singapore, the packages offer the chances to visit attractions such as the Singapore Flyer, Sentosa Island, the National Orchid Garden, Singapore Zoo and many more.

  • For those with just a few hours to spare, Singapore Airlines also offers free city tours - the perfect way to take in the sights at speed.

Tip: On the day of travel, before flying, avoid alcohol as this has dehydrating qualities and also interrupts the quality of sleep; something which becomes important when flying long haul in order to adjust to the new time zone of your destination. 

In the Air

Tip: Research has shown that eating the right kinds of food can leave people up to 16 times less likely to suffer[iii] from jet lag. Meals act as ‘time cues’ for your body, so adjusting the amount and type of food you eat can make a big difference.

Tip: When flying, opt for a light meal that is relatively easy to digest as it’s best to arrive feeling slightly hungry. Eating a high protein meal once you land means you’ll be able to keep as active as possible in a bid to switch to the new time zone. 

Tip: Staying well hydrated is of equal importance when flying long haul - one way of achieving this is to drink herbal drinks, such as the chamomile or lemon ginger herbal tea options available on board. These, along with many of the cabin crew designed and refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail options can help to re-hydrate you more effectively. 

Tip: Long haul travel can be unsettling on the body. Ensuring that you have the right balance of uninterrupted sleep on outbound and connecting flights can be integral to beating jet lag.

Smarter Stopovers

Tip: Gone are the days of dull airport stopovers and many passengers will be amazed at the amenities of airports today - all of Singapore Airlines' flights arrive at Changi, the world's most awarded Airport, in the Singapore city state. It features such as the butterfly gardens and rooftop swimming pool at Changi Airport are guaranteed to entertain those who have only a small amount of a time to spend before their onward journey and ensure that every element of the trip creates special and memorable moments 

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